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A free online event where we chat about boosting your theatre career.

Next Theatre Chat starts

11 April 2018,  at 8.30 pm


      Frequently asked question

      Here are a few answers to our most common questions

      • Q: How does it work?

        A: Coffee chat is an online event: we all stay in front of our computers. I give a short presentation on a different topic each time, then, it is open to you for questions and answers. 

      • Q: Who is it for?

        A: The chats are suitable for anyone who wants to take charge of their creative career and make a living working in the performing arts.


        At the moment people attending include: actors, set designers, stage managers, dramaturges, dancers, costume designers, directors, music composer, milliners, technicians, lighting designers, costume maker, musicians, prop makers, puppeteers, sound engineers and scenic artists.

      • Q: When is the next one?

        A: On the 11th of April at 8.30pm GMT.


        Not sure about the time zone? Check: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

      • Q: If I can't make it live, is there a replay?

        A: Absolutely! I always leave the replay on for a few days afterwards. 

      • Q: I know some friends who would be interested too, can I invite them? 

        A: Of course, the more the merrier. Just send them the link to this page and they can sign up too.

      • Q: How much does it cost?

        A: Nothing! I have courses and one on one mentoring that have a fee but Theatre Career Coffee Chats are FREE.

      • Q: What kind of thing do you talk about? ​

        A: Usually the things that come up with my mentees. It can be:


        • mindset tips to build your confidence
        • how to build the ultimate website to get you the job you want
        • how to use social media to build meaningful work connections
        • how to network like a pro
        • planning and time management to achieve your goals


        And so much more! Basically, all the things you need for a fulfilling creative career

      • Q: Can I suggest a topic?

        A: By all means! Just drop me a line after you’ve signed up.

      Want to know a little bit more about me?


      Ok, fair enough! 


      Well, I’m Estelle and mentor theatre lovers to help them start their career. Nothing more fulfilling than to make a living doing what you love.


      I’ve been working in and around the theatre for 20 years. I know what it is to start from scratch, with no network and connections; I’ve done it twice, in two different countries. I’ve worked as an actor, a puppeteer, a stage manager, a prop maker, a designer, and a production manager. I’ve auditioned people and I’ve auditioned for people, I’ve commissioned and I’ve been commissioned, I’ve interviewed and I’ve been interviewed.


      When I moved to the UK, the only very few connections I had, were to do with my acting days, which I had firmly decided to put behind me. I had just finished retraining as a prop maker and that’s what I wanted to freelance as while creating my own work. I had done my training in France and my portfolio was only made of course work: no connections, no experience.


      After 6 weeks, I started to work in one of the biggest west end scenic studio. After a year, I was working with various companies regularly, ringing me up for commissions. After 2 years I was balancing these offers with making my own shows and getting funding for it.


      Today, I work mostly as a creative producer with What's Coming out of the Box. We mentor a few wonderful people, to give them a leg up and make sure they don’t make the same mistakes that most graduates do. I'm happy to say that all of them are off to the career that they want, either in full time job, freelancing in the industry or creating their own work.


      Career Coffee Chats is when we open this mentoring to all. They are an opportunity for you to join us and some tips on your career, for free! Like the sound of that? Click below!


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